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Take the 5 South.
When you are close to San Diego, look out for the 805 South, which will be on your left hand side.
Take the 805 South.
Take the 905 East, which will be on your right hand side.
Note – the 905 East is the bridge-like ramp.
The 905 East will turn into a street – Otay.
You will pass a few gasoline stations on your right hand side.
Stay on your right hand side because the street will fork ahead, and you want to be on the right hand side to enter the Tijuana border.  

After entering the Mexican border, there will be more division of streets. Take a right on the fork. Keep going straight. When you see Salvatierre Street, head over to the right lane because it is there that you will start seeing the Airport signs. You will make a right, following the Airport signs. You will continue to follow that road until you see the Airport on your left hand side. Stay on your left because you will have to make a U turn to get into the airport. You will see many other cars doing the same. Merge into the airport and you will see parking signs.



5 South

805 South

905 East

Turns into Otay Street

Cross Border

Stay on right hand side

Follow signs to airport

U Turn to get into airport



If you don’t want to drive, you can also take the Intercalifornia Bus. They have various bus stops- East Los Angeles, Downtown LA (655 Maple Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90014), Santa Ana… It’s relatively cheap. Call in advance to see hours, pricing and availability – But you do have to get there early to get your spot. Phone (213) 629-4885. I’ve taken them various times, roundtrip. They drop you off either in Downtown TJ, which is the first stop or right at the Airport. Very convenient.